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Cover Late Payment Risks with Trade Credit Insurance

Small businesses should take note of the warnings being issued by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) who are suggesting that 440,000 of small firms are likely to be at risk of being unable to trade, because of the UK’s late payment culture...

January 2022

Preparing your Business Premises for Winter

Climate change has brought about an increase in the number of storms and floods each year. And this is bad news for your business (and your personal assets). That frozen water pipe or icy conditions can have devastating consequences if you have not planned ahead...

December 2021

Motor Accident Notification

As the seasons change, the conditions on the highways change as well.

Autumn brings fallen leaves, damp and cold weather, lower sun, frosts and longer periods of darkness.

All of this can impact your driving performance and contribute to an increase in road traffic collisions...

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April 2021

What happens if you're underinsured?

The very real and damaging consequences of underinsurance is that your insurer refuses to pay the full value of your claim and decides to pay only a proportion of the sum that you're claiming for...

December 2020

Cab fires on Ford Transit vans - safety concerns.

The purpose of this guidance is to raise awareness for employers and employees of the safety concerns and risk of cab fires occurring on Ford Transit vans (known models to date include Mk6, 7 and 8 versions, within a date range from 2010 to present date). QBE has not seen any reported issues with 2020 Mk9 models...

August 2020

Do Not Archive Your Business Continuity Plan … Update it!

Business continuity plans (BCPs) have been put under great strain by the Coronavirus.

Where a BCP considered a 'worst-case scenario', it is unlikely to have been a pandemic affecting global and national supply chains and the entire UK workforce. Since the introduction of social distancing, many businesses have adopted new modes of working but may have also archived their business continuity plan. There are good reasons why this is ill-advised...

July 2020

Sara's retirement

Big congratulations to colleague Sara who retires today. Thanks for all your hard work and loyalty to Rees Astley! Wishing you all the best for your retirement. Take care and keep in touch, we're gonna really miss you

From everyone at Rees Astley.

June 2020

May 2020

Cyber Risks Emerging due to COVID-19

Cyber threats are evolving as businesses are making changes to how they operate. Remote working and new technology may not be as secure as first thought...

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November 2019

Is your business ready for winter closure?

The festive season in on the horizon and the obligatory Christmas adverts in November are nearly here. But preparing your business for the challenges this time of year presents can take some time, so they are worth considering early...

April 2019

An end of an era.

An end of an era as colleague Keith retires after forty years of working in the Insurance Industry. He will be missed by everyone Rees Astley, clients and insurers. We wish him all the best for a happy and healthy retirement.

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Trade Credit Insurance

Since mid-January, the news headlines have been dominated by the collapse of the UK's second biggest construction firm, Carillion. It is said that 30,000 supply chain businesses are directly, or indirectly, affected by its insolvency and inability to pay suppliers...

January 2018

Are your garage premises a safe environment.

Over 7,000 people in the Motor Industry have injured themselves in the last 5 years according to the Health and Safety Executive. The most common injuries being slips or trips, falls and ill health from exposure to chemicals, gases and engine emissions...

November 2017

Public Liability For Sports Clubs.

Public Liability Insurance is designed to provide cover if a club or organisation is accused of injuring someone or causing damage to their property.

October 2017


Thank you to all staff, clients and members of the public who joined us at Oktoberfest, it was a wonderful weekend!

September 2017

We were so pleased to have met so many of you at the Interplas Exhibition!

August 2017

General Data Protection Regulation.

A new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into force in May 2018, overhauling current data protection legislation.

July 2017

Gas Safety Checks – Who Needs Them?

You must ensure that any gas appliances (permanent or portable), and gas flues that you own and provide for use by your tenants have regular gas safety checks.

Gas safety checks are needed by Landlords, Housing associations, Local authorities, Hotels and B&Bs, Colleges, Boarding schools and Hostels.

June 2017

May 2017

Are You Ready for a Cyber Attack?

Cyber threat is one of the most significant risks facing UK businesses and is on the increase. Government figures in 2015 revealed 81% of large businesses and 60% of small businesses had suffered a cyber security breach. Cyber claims statistics from 2013 - 2016 show cyber extortion and ransomware to be the fastest growing cybercrimes.