Specialist Insurance for the UK Manufacturing and Engineering Industry

The Manufacturing and Engineering Industry is one that can be full of risks and machinery failures: putting man and machine together can work in perfect harmony, but sometimes it doesn’t go to plan – that’s why you need to ensure you have the correct level of cover for your Business.

Our Specialist Account Executives are available to get to know the ins and outs of your business and provide you with a suitable and comprehensive quotation tailored to your industry and needs. We can arrange cover for a wide variety of Engineers and Manufacturers including but not limited to:

  • Metal works/Fabricators
  • Precision Engineers
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Small or Large factories
  • Stockholders
  • Production and packaging lines
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Food Production
  • GRP Manufacture
  • Chemical Manufacture  

As well as the being able to source stand alone Public Liability, Products Liability (including a financial loss extension) and Employers Liability cover, other areas of insurance important for manufacturers to consider include:

  • Material Damage – Covers your business property against loss or harm including the contents, machinery, fixtures and fittings, products and computer equipment.
  • Engineering Breakdown Cover – As an addition to your Material Damage policy Engineering Breakdown cover provides you with protection against any damage or breakdown to your equipment including machinery, computers and other electronic equipment to ensure you are back up and running in no time.
  • Business Interruption – Standard Business Interruption cover can protect against the loss of income should your business suffer a material damage claim. Having properly arranged Business Interruption Insurance aims to put your business back to the same financial position it would have been in had the claim never occurred.
  • Goods In Transit – If you’re producing goods it’s important to know that they will be covered after they’ve left your premises, quite often a standard Motor or Fleet Policy will not provide cover for produced goods themselves whilst being transported.  
  • Product Recall – Assists with costs involved with a required recall of products already sold and dispatched following the discovery of safety issues or product defects that might endanger the consumer or put the manufacturer/seller at risk of legal action.  
  • Cyber Insurance – Hacking events can result in loss of data which could in turn lead to your business falling foul of GDPR regulations and associated costs.  Denial of access Cyber attacks can also lead to huge disruption and loss of revenue not normally covered under standard business interruption insurance.  A Cyber & Data policy can assist with the costs associated with these events and polices can also be extended to cover Cyber Crime including Social Engineering, which unfortunately is becoming a far more common threat for all businesses in the UK. 
  • Professional Indemnity – If your company is offering design or consultancy services then professional indemnity insurance is a must. It aims to cover financial loss sustained by customers as a result of a businesses professional negligence.