Specialist Insurance for the UK Printing Industry

The Printing and Publishing Industry is a fast paced and precise industry with emerging risks coming from wrong manual handling practices, the printing equipment and machinery or slips and trips from printer ink spillages. When your reputation relies on quality and speed it’s important to ensure you protect yourself if the worst should happen.

We understand the risks that you face, and we can work with you to identify and close any gaps in your cover with insurance designed specifically with the printing industry in mind.

As a company we have a wide range of experience and knowledge within the Print and Publishing Industry as well as access to specialist markets.

Our Specialist Account Executives are on hand to guide you every step of the way during the quotation stage, throughout your policy, claims handling and renewals.

We have insured SMEs to large corporates in the Print and Publishing Industry since 1969 and provide cover for but not limited to:

  • General printers
  • Digital printers
  • Magazine and Newspaper printers
  • Publishers
  • Book binders and print finishers
  • Label printers

As well as your liabilities insurances we also offer cover for:

  • Industry Specific trade risks – libel and slander,  financial loss, breach of copyright and confidentiality and operator error.
  • Material Damage – covers your business property against loss or harm including the contents, printing machinery, fixtures and fittings, stock and precious computer equipment.
  • Equipment Breakdown – as an addition to your Material Damage policy, Engineering Breakdown cover provides you with protection against any damage or breakdown to your equipment including the computers or printers.
  • Professional Indemnity – also known as Professional Liability Insurance this covers legal costs and expenses in your defence, for example printing 1,000 copies of the wrong file or accidentally breaching copyright laws due to human error.
  • Business Interruption – protects against the loss of income if your business incurs a disaster such as a fire or flood affecting your printing equipment, this cover will put your business back to the same financial position that it was before the disaster occurred.
  • Product Recall – all risk cover for the direct costs of product recalls including product replacement design, print and distribution.
  • Personal Accident – this cover can provide the funds needed to bring in new members of staff or make other small term arrangements if a key member of staff was to have an accident at work. For example an employee hurting their back and knees after lifting a box without the correct manual handling practices.

For the correct cover for your printing or publishing business with a competitive premium please contact one of our industry experts.