Transport & Storage

Rees Astley's Transport Insurance Specialists work with small, medium and large companies throughout the Midlands, the North West and Wales providing business cover for passenger & community transport providers , bus and coach operators, haulage, warehousing and distribution, transporters, tankers and petrochemical distributors.

Whatever your business and whatever your size, our Transport Insurance experts have developed fantastic relationships with trusted insurance partners which, together with their in-depth industry knowledge, gives you the correct level of cover that your business demands at a competitive premium.

We provide competitively priced, fit for purpose cover for (but not limited to)

  • Developers
  • Hauliers - Pallet Deliverers
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Warehouses
  • Distributors
  • Logistics
  • Coach, Bus, Passenger & Community Transport, Not For Profit Passenger Transport

We know from our understanding of this sector that it is essential to have the right level of insurance in place to protect your premises, goods, equipment, staff and fleet as these are the key elements of your business.

On top of standard insurance cover for example Employee Liability, Public Liability we also offer:

  • Cyber Risk Protection – the transport industry is starting to rely more and on electronic data to track the location and status of physical assets and monitor the transport network. We can assist you in putting together a strategy to prevent many threats posed by Cybercrime
  • A Passenger Transport - we are able to offer cover for all aspects of Passenger Transport including Coach, Bus, Minibus, Taxi and Fleet Insurance, along with the associated risks such as Liability, Tour Operators, Commercial Combined, Garaging/Motor Trade and Engineering.
  • Business Interruption – will pay for your lost income if your business is disrupted by a claim, for example fire, theft
  • Goods in Transit - covers your liability should the goods you are transporting become damaged or are stolen whilst in your control.
  • Marine - covers goods being shipped by rail, air and sea and/or whilst in transit in the UK

Wholesale & Distribution

Whatever product you are selling, our understanding of the sector and our approach of asking you the right questions ensures that your insurances provide the cover you actually need.

Our comprehensive insurance protection for the wholesale and distribution sector will help protect your business now as well as moving into the future.