Directors & Officers

Protects Directors and  Senior Officers of Limited Companies against personal financial loss arising from third party claims of alleged errors or omissions.

Claims can arise where a third party (for example shareholder, creditor, employee, regulatory body) feels that you have failed in any of your duties.

Directors and Offices Liability Insurance commonly known as D&O will protect your own personal assets from unlimited liability by paying for legal costs and expenses and damages awarded.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Why Directors & Officers Choose Rees Astley:

  • We have been providing support and assistance to our Clients for well over 50 years and are currently doing so for well over 3,000 businesses both large and small, near and far.
  • We'll do all the hard work for you – obtain quotes from Insurers and evaluate each quotation on your behalf to ensure your business benefits from the widest cover at a competitive price. Peace of mind.
  • Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly team.
  • Claims handling – we will be there to personally assist you every step of the way in getting a swift, satisfactorily settlement.