Insurance for the Waste Management & Recycling Industry

The Waste management and Recycling Industry is a high risk insurance category and it can be difficult to find a broker or insurer who will insure your business. Finding a broker with a good understanding of the sector is critical in getting the cover your business needs.
With the right cover comes peace of mind that your income and assets are protected. With our experience in this industry, we can work with you to minimise the restrictions to your cover whilst keeping your premiums as low as possible.

Whether you are a recycling station, car breaker/scrap yard, skip and haulage hire company or landfill site management business we offer a variety of policies to meet your needs:

  • Fleet – we offer cover to protect all your business vehicles under one policy. Skip and Refuge vehicles can be of limited appeal to insurers we have access to markets that will insure these vehicles.
  • Premises – all risks coveragainst damage to your buildings.
  • Plant Insurance – our policy will cover you for loss or damage to your own mechanical plant, tools and equipment. Shredding equipment can be difficult to insure we can assist if you are having problems.
  • Public Liability – covers your legal liability to third parties arising out of your business, for example, a member of the public is accidentally killed or injured at your premises, it will pay for your defence and pay if any compensation is awarded to the third party.
  • Employers Liability – If you employ people Employers Liability is a compulsory cover at law. It will protect you in the event that an employee is injured or becomes seriously ill as a result of an accident whilst working for you.
  • Directors and Officers – claims against you can arise where a third party feels that you have failed in any of your legal duties. Commonly known as D&O it will protect you by paying for legal costs following an insured incident and in certain situations damages awarded.
  • Business interruption – protects your profit generated by the business if you’re unable to operate at full capacity due to an incident arising from an insured peril.

We have been assisting waste management and recycling businesses overcome the challenges of working in this high-risk sector for close on fifty years.

To discuss the options for insuring your Recycling & Waste Management business or to obtain a quote please get in touch.