Reducing the Risk to Help Save on Motor Fleet Premiums

Businesses need to continually review their costs and expenses in any way they can and reducing fleet motor claims is one of the ways a company can keep their insurance premiums in check and save money on the excesses. Some tips you may wish to consider that could potentially help to reduce claims frequency and/or costs include the following:

  • Outline and adopt a procedure detailing what to do in the event of a claim
  • Ensure that all drivers are adequately trained and are kept up to date with training
  • Keep an accident pack in all vehicles including the procedure, claims form, notepad and a pen
  • In the event of an accident ask drivers to take photos of all included vehicles damage and locations after the incident, details of all road marking and any road signs or mirrors
  • Make sure that as much information as possible is collected from the scene of the incident. Including the full incident location and circumstances, all parties details (Including name, address, telephone, registration) and in the event of a theft, details of any security applied to the vehicle
  • Record details of all the passengers (if any) in the vehicles involved in the accident, this is an area where fraudulent claims can happen: non-existent passengers have been known to claim for whiplash
  • Let your broker know as soon as possible when an accident or claim happens so they can help reduce the impact on your business
  • Fit trackers in your vehicles: a big expense but could protect you from fraudulent claims and assist if the vehicle has been stolen
  • Dash cams are another great way to protect your drivers from fraudulent claims and can demonstrate facts of the incident rather than having to rely on witnesses. Some insurers are also able to help contribute to the fitting of these cameras

Even if you have low numbers and costs from claims, demonstrating to an insurance company that you have the above procedures in place could reduce your premium as the risk of future claims is reduced.